Retail Expert Witness Services is proud to present the cumulative experience of a team composed of highly skilled and deeply experienced public accounting and consulting executives. Formed in 2004 and staffed by senior partners previously with the largest U.S. consultancies, including the Big Five accounting firms, we are uniquely positioned to assist your firm with objective opinion and advice. We offer: Litigation Support, Expert Witness Consulting, Expert Witness Opinion, Expert Witness Testimony, Expert Witness Deposition Services, CPA level Financial Accounting, Forensic Accounting, Strategic Consulting, and Operational Business Review.

Our legal resources can assist the lawyers in your legal team by:

  1. Performing a “focused strategic and operational analysis” of a business operating condition to aid your team in proving (or) disproving a point of dispute
  2. Clarifying your client’s true operating environment and the impact of “real-world” business variables on their legal challenge
  3. Identifying and/or clarifying additional (case) strategic options
  4. Preparing and delivering authoritative studies, retail advisory services, experienced expert witness reports, expert witness deposition and expert witness testimony

Our expert witness firm can provide expert opinion and expert advice for litigation, mediation, appeals, or a pending lawsuit.

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We surpass the typical financial and conceptual input offered by other expert witness groups by applying our focused retail and consumer products experience base to learn, analyze, and opine on:

  • The material circumstances (and details) surrounding the key event (or events) that triggered legal action
  • How and why the event or circumstance occurred
  • The actual impact sustained as a result of the event