Why Choose Us

Retail Expert Witness Services is prepared to assist your firm with industry experts who have successfully worked in the retail and consumer products arenas for decades. Our staff know the industry intimately and can call upon our awareness of the nuances that exist (that typically elude other more “general” experts) to create a distinct credible advantage. As a result of our unique stance, we can provide you with very tangible and valuable benefits that could not be exercised without our presence. We believe that our services are uniquely valuable because:

  • We have proven credibility in the legal arena and have the enviable reputation of making a very valuable retail expert witness contribution
  • We have experience working with the largest law firms as well as large internal corporate legal teams
  • We can supplement other “experts” who’s perspective may be primarily conceptual in nature
  • Our retail, wholesale, consumer products and manufacturing experience base is deep and broad
  • We have strong analytical capabilities
  • We possess functional expertise in accounting matters, labor management, marketing and sales management, general operating procedures, and management reporting and control functions
  • We can help your team to better understand a complaint and formulate additional case strategy options to address the challenge at hand
  • We have many decades of consulting and financial attest experience among the practice leaders plus additional team members to supplement our services as needed